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Pool cleaning

Professional cleaning of stainless steel swimming pools

Plant cleaning

Professional cleaning and maintenance of various industrial plants

Frequently asked questions

Our company is engaged in the production and trade of chemical products for the metalworking industry as well as for the maintenance and cleaning of industrial plants. Our services in the area of stainless steel are an important pillar of our company. We offer cleaning and renovation of stainless steel surfaces such as facades, pools, tanks and the like. The surface is freed from corrosion and rust and then chemically passivated. We offer to train your employees in the use of our products. We also sell chemical resistant equipment for processing, personal protective equipment for your employees and wastewater plants.

  • In our product range there are only high quality products.
  • Furthermore, most of the cleaners are produced by ourselves.
  • We work with these cleaners ourselves and therefore have a lot of experience with them. Also in the application!
  • Most importantly, we have more than 40 years of experience in our field.

Our strengths are primarily stainless steel pickling products, cleaners, lubricants, burnishing agents and corrosion protection products. We deliver both to the metalworking industry and to food producers, however we also carry out intermediate and basic cleaning of metal and stone surfaces as well as elastic floor coverings. We also have bar and rack clamps from Carver Clamps in our range.

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